Office Maintenance in Marietta, GA

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Office & Building Maintenance in Marietta, GA

Customer First Building & Office Maintenance Services in Marietta can complete one-time projects or offer monthly or quarterly inspections to keep your business running smoothly. There is virtually no issue which our teams cannot resolve. From the simplest to the most complex build out projects, they are all in our toolkit.


Office & Building Maintenance Services
Serving Marietta, GA and Surrounding Areas

Contact us today and discover how we transform ‘too difficult’ into ‘too easy’.

office cleaning service

Customer First has been serving offices & enterprises with cleaning services, ensuring that your professional space shines and impresses your clients and employees alike. From ensuring that the coffee cups are washed and dried to cleaning the bathrooms, Customer First can provide you office cleaning services to handle all your cleaning tasks, large and small.

office repairs

Customer First is revolutionizing the way people maintain their homes and offices. Homeowners, tenants, businesses spend alot of money every year on necessary maintenance & repair. Our Services include free monthly visits by our qualified team of handymen who perform tasks like drain cleaning, pipe leak checks, water geyser and general plumbing systems maintenance.

flooring maintenance

Routine floor maintenance of hard surfaces will enhance the appearance of your premises and save you money in the long run. High traffic areas should be inspected and maintained regularly. The deep cleaning of hard surfaces will remove the dirt, grime and scuff marks that build up over time, and with Customer First you can be sure your floors are clean, pristine and polished.

Why Customer First ?

Customer First (CFONE) commitment to meticulous planning and on-time project execution results in unmatched design-build services for all of your commercial and residential building needs. We pride ourselves on cementing client relationships on the strong framework of top-notch service, high quality products and on-point project management.

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